The Birth of Functioning Glass Art

January 23, 2017

The Birth of Functioning Glass Art

As we all know there are a number of ways to get high. Although weed can be eaten or vaped, many people still rely on rolling blunts as their method of choice. However, glass rigs are another popular choice and are considerably better for your lungs.

Essentially smoking from a functioning glass piece allows the smoke to pass through water, removing various toxins, giving you a cleaner high. Some studies even suggest that smoking this way can reduce exposure to certain potentially cancer causing compounds found in smoke.

Glass rigs come in all shapes and sizes however these days, it’s shifting to more than just a gatorade bottle and some hose your parents used to toke from, they can now be considered art.

Glass blower and artist, Mike Luna, has risen to fame for his amazing pieces of functioning art. Creating a range of animals, from elephants to dragons, that all still act as a functioning rig. These artworks are amazing pieces made from borosilicate glass and have now inspired thousands of glassblowers all over the world, (Degenerate Art is a great documentary to watch on these artists)

All over the world as stoner culture becomes less restricted we are seeing the rise of new art and fashion. Recently, an artist known as Mr Grey held an exhibition for the friends and family of bongs. This collection showcased 30 pieces with a value between $500 and $300,000. Mr Grey also held a show for his work during New York Fashion Week, making a pointed comment on the beauty and openness of weed culture.

Overall, we are seeing a huge growth in appreciation for the culture surrounding marijuana and ultimately, through art and fashion we are socially decriminalizing the act of getting stoned.

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